Founder of Ciente Hair Health Spa

As salon director of the prestigious award winning hair health spa ‘Ciente’ based in Berkhamsted Hertfordshire, she believes in maintaining high standards of on-going education to continually develop her team. 

Trisha Buller


Attending the ‘London College of fashion ‘Trisha became very interested in Trichology which is the science appertaining to hair and scalp disorders.

Always driven by her passion and energy for the industry, she feels is it only right to share her knowledge and assist in developing others to realise their potential to a high standard ,so decided to study and achieved City & Guilds 7306 teachers training certificate and assessors award.

Her passion for education and thirst for learning inspired Trisha to embark on a hairdressing training school 5 years ago, based in Berkhamsted, she works tirelessly in recruiting new young talent, also working with her colleagues in her town offering training to the fellow salon owners and attending careers days at local schools, this has created good working relationships within the field of education.


Trisha assists in the moderation of City & Guilds level 4, and is involved in the development of future education within the industry, her contribution to the chapter on ‘specialist hair and scalp treatments ‘in this year’s City & Guild L3 advanced textbook, demonstrates her knowledge and experience in this field.

Recently Trisha was invite to speak at PARLIAMENT regarding ‘business on the high street’; this was a great success and opened the eyes to several MPs who have since requested a further visit to Ciente hair health spa

Trisha said of her experience with education and skill based apprenticeships,’ I found young teenagers are being guided through the academic route, and not being given full Information regarding a skilled based apprenticeship.


Trisha is a wealth of knowledge & experience...

“Having studied with ‘The Institute of Trichologist ‘ studying subjects such as: Chemistry, nutrition, genetics, microbiology and many more, Trisha  now, after 10 years, is a Senior  consultant Trichologist’ has worked closely with  highly regarded medical professionals  in Harley street, and Wimpole street. She has also developed close working relationships with the ‘The Farjo hair restoration clinic’ based in Manchester and London, is a director on the board of Governors for the IOT, Senior state registered hairdresser, a member of The British fellowship of hairdressing, The British association of hair restoration surgeons and The Society of cosmetic science, always keeping ahead of the industry.

This industry has a mine field of opportunities for young people to demonstrate their creativity and individuality, be it as an educator, artistic platform artist, colour expert, session stylist or developing further in the field of trichology and the science appertaining to hair and skin. The subject is vast and needs a high level of training.

Too many individuals are being given the false impression that you don’t need to be qualified, this is untrue, and we deal with chemicals, sharps and can permanently damage people’s hair and cause scarring hair loss if left in the hands of the uneducated or misguided fast tracked individuals. As a Trichologist, I have seen some dreadful results, where little or no education has been given; it can end up in tears and disaster.

Not everybody wants to study such in-depth knowledge and are very happy taking care of their clients hairdressing needs on  a day to day basis, which is great, however the Ciente team  have embraced this new synergy between hairdresser, Trichologist and hair transplant surgeon, and we have found it has worked well and enhanced our business my team are educated to recognise the signs to look out for, not to diagnose ,as you need the knowledge and training to carry out a full in-depth consultation, and of course experience, but you can certainly gain the respect and reputation in your town of being an expert , just by understanding what to look for and how to refer and recommend to the right people.